About us

AFM-Forest Ltd is a Finnish company

AFM-Forest Ltd is a Finnish company manufacturing high-quality single-grip harvester, processor, combi and energy wood heads for demanding forest operations. Our years of experience in the forest-machines market, combined with the high competence of our personnel, ensure the successful performance of AFM heads around the world. AFM-Forest Ltd has a good reputation in the forest-machines market. We offer our customers high quality and versatile logging solutions. AFM harvesting heads have been developed in strong co-operation with both customers and base machine manufacturers and are installed on excavators, wheeled and tracked harvesters, harwarders, trucks, agriculture and other machines. They can be found working worldwide from Arctic forests to tropical plantations.

Customer oriented solutions

At AFM, we are always customer-oriented. Our flexible manufacturing system allows us to design and manufacture machinery for individual needs. AFM harvester heads can be adapted to all base machines and all conditions, including the most demanding forest operations. We offer a wide variety of optional equipment for AFM harvester heads: optimized stump treatment, simple and reliable automatic color marking, highly productive eucalyptus debarking equipment, and much more.

Aspiration to excellence

AFM harvester heads are manufactured by a professional work force using modern technologies. AFM-Forest Ltd uses only high-quality and well-tested components in the manufacturing process. The continuous development of our products and operations is a core part of our business. The AFM-Forest Ltd quality system has been built in accordance with the highest ISO quality standards. The standards cover everything from product design and development to after-sales support.

Care for environment

We take into consideration and understand the environmental aspects related to the use of AFM forestry attachments by our customers. AFM designs its products in such a way that both commercial and environmental interests are satisfied by promoting modern cut-to-length technologies and sustainable forest management practices. In addition to that we concentrate much of our efforts in developing efficient solutions for the bioenergy industry.

Honesty and fairness

We respect our customers, and we know them. Our broad dealer network helps us discover our customers’ needs, allowing us to provide high-quality service support for AFM heads. AFM’s strategy is to be a long term partner for its customers, dealers, and partners.