AFM heads on other base machines

If you are looking for something more simple for operations where feeding and delibing is not needed AFM Felling heads is your choice.

AFM manufactures felling heads which can be installed on other base machines like forwarders, telehandlers or trucks with a crane. Even the felling heads are more simple compared to harvester and processor heads they share the same desing approach and same great reputation.

AFM felling heads have variety of installation options which ensures always easy installation on your machine with minimal modifications to the base machine needed. AFM felling heads are used in multible work from felling  in logging operation to the tree removal in the urban areas.

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Advantages of Excavator Based Harvesters

One of the approaches towards economical harvesting is using an excavator with AFM harvester or processor head mounted on it.

1. Economical harvesting

  • Low investments costs. The price of an excavator-harvester is 30-50% lower than the price of a purpose built harvester.
  • Productivity of excavator-based harvester is almost the same with productivity of purpose built harvester, but with the same money as for purpose built harvester you can buy two excavator-based harvesters.
  • Lower maintenance and service costs compared to purpose built harvesters.
  • Lower operating costs.
  • Easier to sell. The excavator keeps high residual value even after several years of use.

2. High reliability and ease of use

  • Excavators are serially manufactured and proved very well their high mechanical availability.
  • Excavators are designed for tough work.
  • Long-life. Excavators-harvesters work in “softer” conditions compared to excavators which work on construction site.
  • Easier access to service supports and spare parts.

3. Versatility

Excavator-harvester may be used the whole year regardless the cutting season. It may be used as a:

  • harvester – for felling, delimbing and crosscutting trees
  • processor – for delimbing and crosscutting (in tree-length and full-tree operations)
  • loader – by mounting a grapple on it
  • usual excavator – for digging operations, road construction and maintenance etc.

4. High working efficiency in the forest

  • Excavator-harvester is a powerful machine for clearcuttings
  • It is a highly productive processor at the roadside or at sawmills (at the sawmills especially wheel-based excavators due to their good mobility)
  • Short base excavator with harvester head is an environmental friendly solution for thinnings
  • Big trees can be harvested with crawler excavator-harvesters
  • Excavator-harvesters have better mobility on swampy and steep areas.
  • Less traffic in the stand due to the fact that the cabin of the excavator can turn 360 degrees giving the possibility to the operator to harvest all around the machine.
  • Good visibility in all directions makes harvesting easier.
  • Modern excavators are ergonomic machines with good comfortable environment in the cabin.
  • The harvester head may be mounted in several ways on the excavator: using quick coupling, boom link, nose adaptor, telescopic boom, boom stick with bucket.

Modern excavators can be easily transformed into highly productive harvesters or processors!