AFM 55

1260 kg / 2778 lbs
Optimum tree diameter
20-45 cm / 8-17"
Saw bar
75-82 cm / 29-32"
Wheeled harvester weight
12-18 t

AFM 55 is a solution for clear felling and later thinning operations, made with middle sized forest machines. AFM 55 has big capacity and perfect holding geometry for the big stems. High flow hydraulic valve together with proportional pressure adjustment exploits perfectly the base machine power. Three roller feeding together with four delimbing knives ensures high quality production.

The AFM 55 can be equipped with multi tree handling device which allows easy collecting of energy wood. Feeding geometry ensures processing of several stems at the same time. AFM 55 fits efficiently on 12-18 tons forest machines.


  • Later thinning operations
  • Clearcutting operations

Suitable platforms:

  • Medium sized wheeled harvesters


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