AFM 85 Magnum TS

3200 kg / 7055 lbs
Optimum tree diameter
40-70 cm / 16-28"
Saw bar
112 cm / 44"
Excavator or tracked harvester weight
30-40 t

AFM 85 Magnum TS is the largest and most powerful AFM head. Built for really tough harvesting conditions. With its feeding force it can easily processes big trees with heavy limbs. Its extremely strong frame makes the AFM 85 Magnum TS a reliable harvester head for big excavators and track-based harvesters.

Three-roller geometry ensures the best grip even of stems with the largest diameters. With the four movable knives of the AFM 85 Magnum TS, it is possible to ensure high delimbing quality of trees of all sizes. The shape of the knives on the AFM 85 Magnum TS facilitates picking up windfall trees and ensures high productive operation. We recommend a 30 to 40-ton track-based machine for the AFM 85 Magnum TS.


  • Processing operations
  • Clearcut operations

Suitable platforms:

  • Excavators
  • Tracked forest machines


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