AFM 750 FH

1400 kg / 3086 lbs
Optimum tree diameter
40-60 cm / 16-24"
Saw bar
90 cm / 35"
Excavator or tracked harvester weight
20-30 t
Wheeled harvester weight
20-30 t

AFM 750 FH is a heavy duty and compact attachment for various forest operations. AFM 750 FH can be used in tree felling, cross cutting and even for loading. The AFM 750 FH Felling head is commonly used also in forest clearing after storm or for road, pipe line and power lines construction. The excavator equipped with AFM 750 FH is an efficient and economical alternative to the purpose made feller buncher machines. The AFM 750 FH is equipped with with 3/4” saw unit or with .404” saw unit with automatic chain tensioning. AFM 75 FH works efficiently on 20-30 tons tracked forest machines and excavators.

Standard configuration of AFM 750 FH does include hydraulic package which have own blocks for all functions which usually means that no extra valves or additional hydraulic lines needed in base machine. AFM 750 FH can be equipped also with AFM Radio Control system which ensures easy installation in all machines without extra boom cables.


  • Tree removal operations
  • Storm area clearing operations


  • Excavators
  • Log loaders
  • Tracked forest machines


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