AFM 65

1960 kg / 4321 lbs
Optimum tree diameter
30-50 cm / 12-18"
Saw bar
75-90 cm / 29-35"
Excavator or tracked harvester weight
20-25 t
Wheeled harvester weight
20-25 t

AFM 65 is a strong, reliable and highly productive harvester head for medium to large sized wood. AFM 65 can be fitted on large wheeled harvesters, tracked harvesters or excavators.

AFM 65 means an optimal combination between capacity, weight, feeding power and force and  it is an efficient tool for clearcuttings, later thinnings and processing operations. Four movable knives on AFM 65 allow smooth and accurate delimbing even of big trees with heavy branches. The stem is constantly centered in the head with two lower feeding rollers and specially shaped upper roller, ensuring precise length and diameter measuring. Proportional adjustments of pressures on rollers and knives according to the stem diameter increase considerably the effectiveness of feeding and delimbing.

The shape of knives on AFM 65 allows easy working from pile or in wind stormed areas where the trees are picked from ground. AFM 65 can work with a variety of different measuring systems and can be easily adapted to any type of base machine. The AFM 65 is perfectly suited for 20-25 tons excavators, wheeled and tracked harvesters.


  • Clearcutting operations
  • Later thinning operations
  • Processing operations
  • Eucalyptus-debarking

Suitable platforms:

  • Big wheel based harvesters
  • Track based harvesters
  • Excavators up to 25 tons


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