Advantages of AFM harvester heads

Advantages of AFM harvester heads


  • AFM heads are designed especially for demanding operations, including work on tracked machines.
  • Even after several years of use, the heads remain highly productive.
  • Low maintenance cost due to reliability and universally used components.


  • AFM heads work in harmony with all harvester bases, and most of the measuring systems.
  • AFM offers highly productive solutions for softwood and hardwood species, including eucalyptus.
  • AFM heads allow you to use your machine as a harvester or a processor.

Exceptional three-rollers feeding system

  • Non-sliding feeding system based on three synchronized feeding rollers.
  • With their exceptional feeding speed and force, the harvester heads are highly productive.
  • Proportional pressure on roller arms and knives reduces fiber damage.

Exceptional delimbing performance

  • Delimbing knives are manufactured from high-strength steel.
  • Precisely positioned delimbing knives ensure delimbing quality.
  • AFM harvester heads’ design is adapted to accurate delimbing and cross-cutting.

High quality and productivity

  • All AFM harvester heads are built for high productivity.
  • With feeding speeds of up to 6 m/s, AFM harvester heads are among the quickest on the market.
  • Timber-friendly steel rollers on AFM harvester heads conserve the quality and structure of the timber.

Accurate measuring

  • The stem is constantly centered in the head for accurate measuring.
  • Diameter can be measured from rollers or knives.
  • Measurement and control are carried out by user-friendly AFM-Motomit computer.

Reliable hydraulics

  • Hydraulics are well-protected and centrally placed.
  • Leaks are prevented by drop-free Viton sealing and a minimal number of hoses.
  • AFM harvester heads have simple and long-lasting block-type hydraulics.

Ease of service

  • Easy access to major components for quick and uncomplicated service.
  • Simple, service-friendly construction makes AFM heads easy to install and service.
  • AFM offers high-quality instructions for service and maintenance of AFM harvester heads.

Installation support

  • AFM has long experience installing AFM heads on a large variety of base machines.
  • AFM provides recommendations for base-machine and harvester-head combinations.
  • AFM makes installation design and assists during installation of the harvester head.

High-quality training and support

  • Providing base machine recommendations according customer needs.
  • AFM and AFM dealers provide training for start-up, maintenance and service of AFM heads
  • Quick supply with spare parts and after sales support through broad dealer network around the globe.

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